The time has arrived for you to start the process culminating in the wonderful memorable marriage ceremony you have chosen which will reflect your individuality.

Let me assist in making that possible.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, followed very closely by the birth of your baby. It is a day that can be stressful and I am here to remove that stress for you. It is a day that you wish to run smoothly, I can help you to ensure this occurs

You may like to explore the possibility of incorporating a ritual to reflect your lives. I can assist you with this. Perhaps you have a favourite poem or reading. These are the ‘little things' which make your wedding day unique to you.

I would encourage family members or children be included in the ceremony, so that they may feel part of the special occasion. Couples may have as much or as little input into creating their wedding ceremonies as they wish

So what do you do next?

Contact me to set a date suitable to meet to discuss your options. I will have a minimum of two meetings with you. I would also encourage you to have a full rehearsal at the venue prior to your wedding day, this will ensure the day will be as relaxed as possible for you.